Expedited Shipping ($19.99)

1. Price of expedited shipping

We charge $19.99 if you choose expedited shipping. 

  • If the order contains both "in-stock" items and "pre-order" items, the expedited shipping service would only be applied on "in-stock" items in default.
  • If the order contains more than 1 "pre-order" items that release in different time, the expedited shipping service would only be applied on the item released earliest. 
  • If you prefer it is arranged otherwise, please make a note when you order. 

2. Carriers we use for expedited shipping


  • Applied for these countries: United States,  Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, France,Philippines, etc. 
  • Shipping time: 3-7 business days.

Clearance of DHL

A low declaration might be monitored to some countries and the customs would require buyer to provide documents for claiming the goods. In order to avoid such risks, we do not support expedited shipping to these countries with potential customs issues until we find safer expedited options. (e.g. United Kingdom, Germany, etc. )


  • Applied for these countries: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Thailand
  • Shipping time: 5-10 business days. 


  • Applied for these countries: The United Arab Emirates
  • Shipping time: 5-10 business days.

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