Expedited Shipping

Please refer this post to see whether your country is available for expedited shipping / couriers applied. 


All expedited shipping needs to pay extra postage. The amount of the postage depends on the real-time cost of assigned courier, and weight & dimension of the package. 

Why is there no expedited shipping to my country? 

#1 The free shipping method is already with fast speed

We have never stop looking for the most reliable shipping service with speed and reliable cost. For many countries, we are using "special line" as the free shipping option. It is faster than most other economic grade service, and free from hassles with the customs. 

#2 The concerns for the customs

For a lot of countries with strict import customs regulations, sending with expedited shipping requires complicated documents and customs charge on buyers' end. We would avoid using expedited shipping if these circumstances are met. 

Why is there only expedited shipping to my country? 

In principle, we would keep free shipping as an option even if the actual cost is a little higher than the standard. However, if the free shipping performance cannot be ensured to one area, and there is stable expedited shipping service to this area, we would provide paid shipping as the sole option. 

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