How to trace the shipping updates?

1. Use the tracking number we sent you via email

We provide fully traceable shipping methods to all packages, even in our standard plan (free).

As soon as the package is despatched:   An email will be sent automatically to you, and it looks like this.


If you paid for expedited shipping, you would receive a tracking number in standard shipping format first, it would be updated to expedited shipping format within a few days, because expedited couriers like DHL could only generate the tracking number after they receive and process the package. 

2. Use the exact tracking website

With the tracking number, you can go to according tracking websites to follow up the whereabouts of your package. 

Carrier Tracking Number Format Initial Trace Full Trace
SF Express SF××××××××××××× Agent Website SF Express / 17Track
EMS E(A-Z)×××××××××CN Agent Website 17Track
ePacket L(A-Z)×××××××××CN Agent Website 17Track
Registered Airmail R(A-Z)×××××××××CN Agent Website 17Track
DHL 9-10 digits of numbers Agent Website 17Track / Agent Website
UBI - SCM Mexico 2××××××××××× Agent Website 17Track / Agent Website
UBI - Canada 400××××××××××××× Agent Website 17Track / Agent Website
UBI - Australia 21 digits of numbers & letters Agent Website 17Track / Agent Website  
UBI - UK Royal Mail MN×××××××××GB Agent Website Royal Mail

Difference between "initial trace" and "full trace"

Use "initial trace" when package just despatched.

You might catch blank records on public tracking websites if you trace your package within 3-5 days after despatch, because the updates haven’t synced from our shipping agent’s website to 17track yet.  

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