Pre-order Policy

1.Why pre-order is needed?

Collectible action figures are produced in a limited quantity. Suppliers would determine the production quantity according to the pre-orders received.  Pre-order is necessary for buyers to get secured reservations. 

2. The procedure of pre-order

2.1 Pre-order with "full price"

Pre-orders made with a "full-price" payment will be despatched directly after the official release. 

2.2 Pre-order with "deposit"

Pre-orders made with "deposit" payment will be charged the remaining balance when release is imminent. After the balance is paid off, we would arrange shipment. (Note that sometimes the balance collecting would start 1-2 weeks ahead of the actual release. Shipment will be arranged after we receive the released goods from the supplier).

The balance will be collected by PayPal invoice

We would notify you via email about the release, and send you a PayPal invoice of the remaining balance, as soon as we hear about an imminent release from the supplier. 

A Few things worth-noticing

  • PayPal account we bill to:  We would bill to your store account email in default. If your PayPal account is registered with a different email than your store account, you can also pay for the invoice with your own PayPal account by logging in with your own account when paying the invoice. (How to pay the invoice with a different account?)
  • Avoid missing out on our emails: Please make sure we can reach you in your account email, and include our domain on the allow list of your email agent in order to prevent our emails from being blocked. 
  • No need to pay earlier: Pre-orders placed in the deposit option share the same priority as those paid at full price.
  • The actual release might come later: We would charge you as soon as we hear about the release from the supplier, but sometimes the actual release would happen a couple of weeks later. Please consider this waiting period as a buffer. 

3. Cancellation of pre-order

3.1 Buyers' reason

Cancel without penalty before release

If you change your mind before release, you can request a full refund.

After you receive a release notification from us, the deposit becomes non-refundable. However, you can still switch the current deposit on another pre-order item. 

Why deposit is non-refundable after release?

  • The reason we set the deposit refundable before release is to tailor a pre-order experience as flexible as possible, although it might add cost on our end.
  • We have to pay our supplier's deposit too when the pre-order deadline is due, which is also non-refundable. 
  • We have to pay for the extra warehousing and marketing costs for the processing of canceled products.

3.2 Not buyers' reason

If the project is canceled on the supplier's end, all the pre-orders would be canceled and refunded in full amount. 

4. Payment of the remaining balance

4.1 Amount 

  • Amount: Full price - $19.99 (deposit you paid)

4.2 Valid time

In common situations, we set the validity of a PayPal invoice as in 15 days. For actual validity please refer to the information on the invoice.

Need more time?

  • If you need to request an extension in the validity time of the invoice, please contact us within the original valid time.
  • Extra time is 30 days at most and could be requested only once for each invoice.
  • If the extra time is also due without being paid, we would cancel the invoice and the reservation with no further communication.
  • If for special reasons the buyer misses out on the invoice/release notification and still needs the product, we can recover the invoice & reservation if we still have sufficient stock. 

4.3 Invoice cancellation & expiration

  • If the invoice is canceled by the buyer, we would consider the buyer has chosen to give up this pre-order and cancel the reservation.
  • If the invoice is not paid invalid time, we would cancel the invoice and the reservation.

In the situations above, the deposits are not refundable, but we would send a $10 voucher which could be used on any pre-order products in the future.

5. Price stability promise

  • In order to ensure price stability and trading fairness, the pre-order products won't apply to any sales campaigns that has direct price markdown.
  • We would keep the price the same as published, and not interfere with it until the product is released for at least 3-4 months.

If we have to change the price during pre-order

Very randomly, if we really have to change the price because of an adjustment in the cost

Price is higher after you order

We can still have a lower price when you order. We won't apply the new price on your order.

Price is lower after you order

We would refund you the exceeding amount.

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