Pre-order Policy (Updated: 2021-09-20)

      Pre-order Cancelation & Refund 

      If you need to cancel your pre-order, the refund amount will be determined by the following conditions: 

      • (A) If the request is made within 7 days after purchase, you will get a full refund. 
      • (B)If the request is made after 7 days, you will get an 85% of the paid amount, 15% as the cancellation fee ($15 at most)
      • (C) If the request is made after the release notification, you will get 50% of the paid amount from a refund or transfer, or store credits worth 50% of order value.
      • (D) If the project is confirmed canceled by the supplier, you will get a full refund with no questions asked. 

      The reason for the cancellation fee

      In order to secure all pre-orders, we need to make purchase contracts with our suppliers that include non-refundable deposits and purchase commitments that must be fulfilled. Pre-orders canceled due to buyers' reasons will cause additional purchasing/warehousing costs for us. 

      In order to take better control over the purchase plans and storage costs, please kindly understand that we need a part of the payment as a cancellation fee to offset the risks and costs. 

      We don't take responsibility for pre-order release delay

      As a seller, we do not promise actual shipping times for pre-order products and do not take responsibility for the release delay, as it is entirely up to the suppliers and factories.

      We can ensure you that:

      • Process your order as soon as the product is officially released
      • Respond to your requests on your order progress during the wait with all information we can provide

      Order cancellation requests with "release delay" still need to comply with our pre-order policy. Please consider carefully before making the pre-order, and make sure that the product is what you do not mind giving it some extra time. 

      Balance payment and expiration

      Pre-orders made with "deposit" will have a balance to pay when the actual release is imminent.

      The balance will be collected by PayPal invoice

      We would notify you via email about the release, and send you a PayPal invoice of the balance (full price deducts deposit), as soon as we hear about an imminent release from the supplier. The invoice will stay valid for 15 days. If the invoice is not paid in time, it will be canceled applying our pre-order policy cancelation clause (C). 

      A Few things balance:

      • We would bill to your store account email by default. If your PayPal account is registered with a different email than your store account, you can also pay for the invoice with your own PayPal account by logging in with your own account when paying the invoice. (How to pay the invoice with a different account?
      • Please make sure we can notify you by your account email, and include our domain on the allowed list of your email agent in order to prevent our emails from being blocked. 
      • Need to request an extension on the deadline of your invoice?  Contact us within the original valid timeframe and give us a specific date you want to defer the deadline to (by principle, we can give each invoice 30 days at most)

      • Miss out on the balance payment and still want the product? If for special reasons, you missed out on the balance payment, we can recover the invoice with the same pricing if we still have stock. 

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