Why is the shipping taking so long? Is it normal?

If you cannot see any updates with the tracking number provided, please refer to this article and make sure the right tracking method is applied. 

If the tracking number has records of being processed and but hasn't updated for a while, please continue reading for the normal situations when the updates could temporarily stop. 

To understand the whole international transit process better, we can break it down into 3 rough key periods which are divided by 2 fundamental update types. 

Export Update

When the package is exported via the airline from the origin country, usually as the last update in the origin country. The export update could usually be identified with keywords like "exchange Station", "exported", "airline", "departure", etc.)

Landing Update

The first update for the package to be processed in the destination country. For different shipping methods, this update would appear at different processing stages. For most packages, this update would appear when the package is being processed at the airport of the destination country, which is followed by customs clearance and local delivery. 

1. Origin processing

  • Starts: When we handle the package to our carrier (when you receive the shipping notification email) 
  • Ends: At the export update.
  • Length: For most shipping methods, this period takes 1 week. (China Post packages might need longer in this period during busy seasons, because of  a longer waiting for customs clearance) 

2. Await local processing 

  • Starts: At export update. 
  • Ends: At landing update.

Common causes of longer waiting during this period

Although the landing update is expected to appear right after the arrival at the destination airport, sometimes it would sync later during customs processing or even local carrier pick-up, which are already the local processing steps. When this happens, the efficiency of the customs clearance and local carrier pickup would all influence the length of this period.

  • a. Customs delay: 
    • Package Volume:  The processing time would extend if there is a higher volume of packages. This usually happens during the holidays like Christmas and Black Friday. 
    • Policy: Some countries just have more complicated or stricter clearance procedures and longer waiting than the other countries. The customs policy amendments might also cause a temporary delay.
    • Airlines/warehouses resources: Fewer airlines/warehouses are just like an increase in the package volume. They would also cause a longer line-up before the package gets processed. 
  • b. Local carrier pick-up delay: 
    • Backlog at the local carrier's warehouse: How soon the carrier picks up the packages depends on how soon they finish processing the packages sitting in their warehouse already. If they need to deal with the backlog pressure caused by weather/strike/seasonal package volume surge/etc., they would naturally have to pick up more packages later. 

👌Your package is not "stuck" in the origin customs, it's just waiting for a landing scan.

Many customers get concerned when the updates stop for 1-2 weeks at the origin country and think that there are abnormal customs issues on the package. Please rest assured that basically, no issues would arise during export clearance. Mostly, the extra waiting is because the package is still waiting for a local scan update. The package could be already in the destination country airport warehouse and lining up for its turn to get cleared. Please kindly allow it more time especially during busy seasons. 

3. Local processing

  • Starts: At landing update.
  • Ends: Successful delivery.

Common causes of longer waiting during this period

Same as explained in part 2. 

When it has come to this period, the delivery of your package is almost done. How soon you would receive the package depends on the processing capacity of your local post office system. 

At last

Please kindly understand that international shipping could not always go well and could take a little patience sometimes. We appreciate your patience when extra waiting is needed, and would always strive to discover more shipping options with a combination of stability & speed. 

Please know that you are protected by our 2 policies: 

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