Why is the shipping taking so long? Is it normal?

If you have concerns because you cannot see any updates regarding the tracking number you are given, please refer to this article and make sure the right tracking method is applied. 

If the tracking number has records and just haven't updated for a while, don't worry just yet. We'll explain what happens to a package after despatch and what would be the time frame that probably needs a little bit more waiting. 

According to the latest update, we divide the shipping procedure into 6 stages:

  1. Pick-up Pending
  2. Carrier Processing
  3. Domestic transferring
  4. Exported and departed by airline
  5. Final delivery pending by local
  6. Delivered

1. Before export

1~4  all take place before export, and usually takes less than 1 week in total.  Delay usually not happen during these stages. 

2. Cross-border transport 

4-Exported and departed by airline means the package has left our country by airline, and hasn't arrived in destination country yet. The waiting of this stage might take 1~2 weeks, or even longer under some special situations.

  1. China Post registered Airmail to Middle East, South America, Africa simply needs longer than to the other regions, and is normal to take 1~2 months (Expedited shipping is recommended if you are from the above continents).
  2. During big holidays, the waiting is usually longer than usual. When the time is around Christmas, New Year, National Holiday, Black Friday, etc., a surge in the package volume would highly challenge warehousing, flight arrangements and processing manpower. Usually the package is already in the destination and just queuing to be processed. 
  3. Sometimes there could be a technical problem on the tracing system when the package is in regular transit but the updates are timeout and popping up altogether in one future processing event. 

In general, if the updates just have stopped for a couple of weeks, you don't have to worry too much, usually this situation would recover by itself soon.

3. Local processing

When the tracking updates indicate the package is inbound to the destination country, you would only have to wait for 2 steps before final delivery.

3.1 Customs clearance

The time of this procedure is entirely up to the local customs authorities. If you have online international shopping experience, you can set your usual waiting period as the baseline. 

  • The clearance time would also be effected by holidays, when the authorities have much more packages to process than usual.
  • Some countries just have longer clearance time than the other countries, especially when strict customs policies are applied.

3.2 Local delivery service

The time of this procedure is entirely up to the local delivery company (usually the post office), but usually you should feel relieved when you see your package has passed clearance and enter local carrier's processing system because the package would be just around the corner.  In usual cases, this stage won't last more than 2 weeks. 

However, since the final delivery is also handled by a local shipping company, if they are swamped by the package load during busy seasons, you would also have to wait a little bit longer than usual. If you have worries when you are waiting in this period, you can contact your local post office and see if you can ask for you a self-pickup. 

If you still have concerns regarding the status of your package, you can always contact our support. 

At last

Please kindly understand that the international shipping could takes a little patience sometimes. We really appreciate your patience when waiting is needed.  We would always strive to discover more shipping options with a combination of stability & speed. 

Please know that you are protected by our 2 policies: 

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