Shipping Delay Reimbursement

Although we have already chosen the best shipping options for your shipping grade, international shipping is still a long process and with a lot of variables. Sometimes delay would happen. ( Read this doc to understand the common types of waiting in delay)
In order to make up for the inconvenience during the extra waiting, we set a reimbursement when the delay of your waiting exceeds the average range. 
In the following discussion, please know that the shipping duration uses the data on 17track as reference, and starts from the despatch date (order processing is not included).

1. Standard Shipping

If the whole duration exceeds  30 days, we would send a 3.5% partial refund as delay compensation.

Because of the naturally longer shipping duration and limited shipping options, the compensation limit for these countries are 60 days:

    • All countries in South America, Africa, Middle East. 
    • Mexico

2. Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is carried by EMS, DHL, Aramex, etc. The normal waiting period for all expedited packages is 15 days at most (starting with the A-scan record's timestamp). We would refund the postage fully if the shipping takes more than 15 days, except the following situations:

  • The buyer does not assist with customs clearance
  • The buyer does not respond to the pick-up notice by the local carrier (although we aim to provide door-to-door delivery for every order, sometimes because of the differences in the operation of local branches, the buyer would have to pick up the package at the carrier's appointed processing center)

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