Return & Exchange Policy

1. Coverage of return & exchange

Any return/exchange request must be brought up within 7 days after delivery, and meet any of the following situations.

1.1 Completely unopened & unused item

 Packaging Condition Requirements:

  • Products with factory packaging must have new and complete packaging condition, same as when they are received
  • If the packaging includes shrink plastic seal, the plastic seal needs to stay unopened
  • If the item is sealed with our "M.I.N.T." sticker, the sticker needs to be kept complete as proof in brand new condition.

Product condition requirements:

  • All accessories in the clothes set must be totally unused, and look completely new.
  • The hair style of head sculpts with rooted hair has to be unchanged in length or style.

1.2 Wrong product

If you received a wrong item because of our processing mistake, or manufacturers' wrong labeling, we are deeply sorry, and would give you a partial reimbursement if you are willing to keep the wrong item.

If you don't need the wrong item, you can issue a return & exchange. 

1.3 Severe shipping damage

We have strict packing procedures in order to protect the product and the packaging itself. However, sometimes because of the customs inspection and extremely rough handling from some carriers, the packaging condition could be compromised during the delivery. 

Please kindly understand that slight squeeze and wearing of the packaging box are not supported in our return policy conditions. 

If the package condition is seriously damaged or deformed, you can request for a return & exchange. If you are willing to keep the product, we would send you a partial refund according to our reimbursement policy. 

1.4 Severe quality defect beyond repairing

If a product has quality problems because of the manufacturers' reasons, you are protected by our after-sales policy and we would resolve it for you by requesting for replacements from according suppliers. 

If and only if the problem is unable to be solved by repairing / replacing parts, you can send the whole item back to us. If you are willing to keep the item and solve it by yourself if you have access to professional help, we can also resolve the case for you with our reimbursement policy.

2. Not supported for return or exchange

2.1 Opened Boxed figures  

Because of the importance to keep  m.i.n.t condition for collectible figures, we do not accept return / exchange request after a boxed figure is opened. 

For quality problems of boxed figures, we would request for warranty on your behalf from the supplier. The quality control and warranty responsibilities are shouldered by the suppliers. If you have concerns, please refer to the reviews on the internet before placing the order. 

2.2 Slight difference with stock images 

Slight difference between final product and stock images on pre-order announcement is not accepted as legitimate reason for return or exchange. 

The supplier could adjust the details before mass production, and they usually would not notify us when small changes are applied. 

3. Procedure for return or exchange

3.1 Providing photos and proofs 

If the situation falls into the coverage of our policy, you need to submit your request within 7 days after package delivery. You would need to provide pictures that could clearly demonstrate the problems and the condition of the package / product especially if you want to return it as a totally new item. 

3.2 Send it back

When your request is approved, you would be given a return address to ship the package to. 

Step 1: Confirm the postage

If the return reason is "1.1 Completely unopened & unused item", you would need to pay for the returning postage on your end. We need fully traceable shipping method to follow up the returning shipping. 

On the other conditions, we would take care of the shipping. Please contact us when you have a postage estimation for our confirmation before you send it out. 

Step 2: Arrange shipping

When the return is successfully arranged, please provide tracking number and photo of postage receipt for reimbursement. 

Keep in mind
  • Always declare the package's value in less than $20. 
  • Always protect the package as well as possible. If original packaging from us is still kept, please use it directly and enhance it as much as you think would be necessary.

3.3 We receive the returned package

After we receive the returned package, we would:

Step1: Examine product condition 

We will evaluate whether there is loss in the product value according to the condition it is returned to our warehouse. If there are further damages compared to the photos sent along with return request, we would deduct a certain percentage when we set the final compensation. 

Step 2: Send refund / arrange exchange 

According to the buyer's preferences and product availability, we would either send a refund based on the product condition when it's returned , or exchange a new product with another shipment.

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