Defect Grading & Reimbursement Policy

1. The definition of "defect"

When a product has obvious abnormal issues compared to the same batch of products with standard quality, which could not be self-repaired easily,  we define it as quality problems (defects), different from shipping damage or the delicacy / fineness of craft details

Please make sure you value the risks and choose the brand with quality you are familiar or trust before buying.

2. Types of defects and gradings

The chart below lists all the common types of quality problems and their grades. 

Not defined as defects

The ones with ✖️in grading is not defined as "defects". We are not responsible for the quality control, please choose products from your trusted brands. If it's a released product, you can find unboxing videos from the Youtube and forums before you make the decision.

Defect grades

  • High:  we will resolve this grade of defects by sending a new accessory (provided by supplier) or 100% reimbursement of problem accessory value (provided by us)
  • Medium: These problems usually do not affect much on the whole product, and we would provide a certain percentage of reimbursement as solution. 
No. Type Quality Problem Description Replace Reimburse% Grade
0.1 All Miss-out of any accessories Problem accessory 100% High
0.2 All Slight difference between final effect and pre-order advertised effect ✖️
1.1 Head Sculpt Detachment of glued parts Head Sculpt 100% High
1.2 Head Sculpt Obvious wrong / dissymmetry painting or unremovable stain Head Sculpt 100% High
1.3 Head Sculpt Loose between the connector and the head sculpt ✖️
1.4 Head Sculpt Disfunction of LED feature Head Sculpt 100% High
2.1 Body Fracture of detachable connectors Connector 100% High
2.2 Body Miss-out of extra hands / feet / effects Body Accessory 100% High
2.3 Body Fracture or detachment that could not be fixed by replacing connectors Body 100% High
2.4 Body Slight crack in the skin of seamless body Body 50% Medium
2.5 Body Scratch or crease on the skin surface of seamless body Body 20% Medium
3.1 Footwear All left / right shoes Shoe 100% High
3.2 Footwear Loose between boots and feet ✖️
4.1 Clothes Rough stitches / sewing work ✖️
4.2 Clothes Obvious tear or worn-out on fiber Problem accessory 100% High
4.3 Clothes Peel-off or miss-out on the print on clothes Problem accessory 50% Medium
4.4 Clothes Dyeing on figure body by clothes fiber ✖️
5.1 Weapon Fracture or LED feature failure Problem accessory High

3. Resolve an after-sales case because of defects

We would request warranty from supplier 

When there are defects in the product you receive, after we confirm the problem with you, we would communicate with the supplier, and request for replacement accessories. The communication might have to last some time, please wait patiently.

If the supplier is unable to respond to the warranty request in the end, we will compensate the customers on our end. 

  • You can ask us to send you a similar replacement on our website
  • You can choose to accept a partial reimbursement.

4. Reimbursement rule of defect 

Reimburse Calculation

The amount of compensation = Max reimbursement value of certain accessory * Defect grade% 

e.g. If a head sculpt has serious painting flaws, and the buyer chooses to have a reimbursement, the amount of refund would be = $25 * 100%=$25.

  • $25 is the max value for a common head sculpt.
  • 100% is the reimbursement percentage, according to the grade of the problem (serious painting issue) which is graded as serious and has a 100% reimbursement percentage.
Accessory Type Code Max Value
Common head sculpt A01 $25
Head sculpt with Light-up feature A02 $40
Standard Body B01 $25
Special Body (With large areas of tattoo, transformed limbs, or other undetachable devices) B02 $40
Body Accessories (Palms, feet) B03 $3
Effects B04 $5
Outer coat / jacket with special design (Black suit, white shirts with plain design does not apply) C01 $30
Trousers C02 $15
Footwear C03 $10
T-Shirts / Underwear C04 $10
Belt / Holster / tactical vest C05 $10
Scene Props D01 $5
Weapon (Fit in hand) E01 $5
Weapon (Large-size) E02 $15
Standard Stand F01 $10
Special diorama
F02 Depends

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