Will I receive a notification when release?

1. If your order is in "full-payment"

We would arrange the shipment directly as soon as the product is released. Just like other in-stock orders, you would receive a shipping notification email sent by our system.

* We would NOT confirm the shipping address with you again after release and will send the package directly. Therefore, if you need to -re-confirm or revise the shipping address, please bring forward the request as soon as adjustment comes up. 

2. If your order is in "deposit"

  • We would send you a release notification email to your store account as soon as we hear about the release from the factory.
  • In the meantime, you would receive a PayPal invoice billed also to your store account. (However, you can choose another PayPal account to pay for the remaining balance if needed) 
  • You would receive a shipping notification email after we despatch your order. 

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