How can I change the address before shipping?

You are allowed to change the address of your order before the relevant package is despatched, but this has to be done from our end. 

Send us an email.

We would help you revise the address in our system to make sure it goes to the right place.

Please send our support email a request listing your address and your order number.

  • In order to save communication, please list your address in complete, do not miss "state","zip code", "phone number". 
  • Order numbers are always required when you communicate order-related topics with us. 
  • If only part of the order needs to be revised, please inform us the specific items that you want to apply the changes on. 

Once the address is revised, our customer support staff would confirm with you that your order information has been revised, this might not reflect directly on your order summary on our website, but no need to worry about it because it has already been tweaked in our order processing system.