Can I return the product if I don't like it?

For details, please refer to our return and exchange policy

Basically, we do not accept returns for any opened / used products because it would affect the future selling value, and we only provide product in m.i.n.t conditions.

Specially, “different from pre-order stock images” is not accepted as return reason. 


If there is a QC problem , we would contact the supplier and request for after-sales accessories / replacements on your behalf. Only if the problem could not be settled by repairing / replacing parts, we can accept returns. You can also claim for a defect reimbursement if you find access to professional help by yourself. 

Shipping damage 

We only accept return if the package arrives severely deformed, in other cased, we would resolve the problem with reimbursement

We understand the packaging box is very important to collectibles, so we would pack the packages as well as we can. However, since the package takes a long trip from our warehouse to your destination, it's hard for us to guarantee zero damage. Please consider very thoroughly if you are an absolute perfectionist on the packaging condition.

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