How many days does it take for order processing?

You would receive email for every order when we ship.

An email with tracking number and way to track would be sent to you automatically when we ship your order. You won't miss it (Please make sure is not blocked by your mail agent.)

In-stock items

It usually takes 1~3 business days for in-stock items to ship out.  If an order is merged with in-stock items and pre-order items, we would split it into separate packages and send the items in-stock first.  

Pre-order items

The despatch time depends on the release time. We would arrange shipping as soon as the product is available. If you have paid in full by the time the product reaches our warehouse, we would send the package to you immediately, otherwise we would wait until the payment is 100% fulfilled and then ship. 


Most of the time, we do not ship on weekends. Your understandings are appreciated. 

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