How to use discount code when checkout?

You need to fill the discount code  in the discount inbox on checkout page, after you confirm you cart.

1.Prepare the discount code. 

First you would need to have a discount code. It's either given to you by us in a campaign / sales event, or redeemed by the reward points you earn by being a loyal customer on our website. 

Make sure the code could apply to the items in your cart

  • For discount code redeemed via reward points, it usually could apply to all items so you don't need to worry.
  • For other discounts, we would specify when the apply items range when we give it to you.  
Now, copy and keep the code in your clipboard, on your cart page, click checkout. 

2.Fill it in the checkout page. 

You need to fill in the code in the checkout page, not cart page.

If you are on desktop, find it here when checkout

If you are on mobile, find it here when checkout

Still cannot see discount code inbox? 

If you cannot find it in the place it should be, it's probably because of the browser settings (we've heard situations like this before). 
If switching to  Incognito mode still cannot fix this, please just proceed the checkout, and send us an email with your code, we would use it by giving you an according refund.

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