Final Delivery Promise: What if the package is lost during transit

1. Final Delivery Promise

We guarantee the final delivery of all orders. If the package is accidentally lost during transit, after we investigate with the carrier and confirm the loss is final, we could provide a full refund or arrange another shipping in expedited option. 


Unsuccessful delivery because of these following reasons are not protected by this policy:

  • Buyer offered wrong shipping address or invalid contact number which leads to an error on final delivery. (The waiting of pre-order products usually lasts for months, if you have changed or are about to change your address, please contact us before release)
  • Buyer reject the package because of personal reasons (based on the tracking updates)
  • Buyer fail to assist the local customs to finish the clearance, which leads to a detain or return of package. (Details please refer declaration policy)
  • Tracking updates already show a "delivered" status. (If buyer have not received the package, please report the local post office and ask for help.)

2. Common delay situations

International shipping is a long process involves several parties. Sometimes the waiting period could exceed the average level.

Refer to this article and find out the most commonly-seen delay situations & reasons:

Why does shipping take so long, is it normal?

3. How do we conclude whether a package is lost? 

If the waiting is beyond the situations listed the common delay situations, you can request for help. We would contact our carrier to open an investigation find out the status of the package.  

Since the investigation involves several parties from 2 countries, it might take a few weeks to have a final ruling. 

Most of the time, we can help you retrieve the package, you can be reimbursed  if the situation fits our shipping policy

Please kindly understand that in order to avoid the inconvenience on returning extra package, we would hold the case on observation until a 60-day update suspension. After that, even if the carrier has not given conclusion, we would resolve this issue with you in the cause of "lost package".

4. How do we handle it if a package is lost?

If we are notified by our carrier in an investigation that a package is lost, or wait till the case naturally accelerate to a conclusion of "lost package", we would offer any of the following solution packs:

[A] Send out another package via Expedited Shipping

  • If your country is supported with our expedited shipping, we would send you another package with premium shipping service for free. In most cases, the delivery would be made in 1 week. 
  • If your country is not supported with our expedited shipping, we would send it via regular shipping, and give you a voucher in 5% of your package's value.

[B] Send a full refund

If the product is no longer available, or you prefer having a cancellation, we could send you a full refund, and give you a voucher in 5% of your package's value as reimbursement. 

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