Final Delivery Promise: What if the package is lost during transit

1. Final Delivery Promise

We guarantee the final delivery of all orders and will remain responsible until you receive the package. 

Package Loss 

In normal cases, if the package is accidentally lost during transit due to the causes irrelevant to the buyer, we would provide a full refund or arrange another shipment if the product is still available after we investigate with the carrier and conclude its loss. 

Conditions not covered 

  • The buyer has moved to a new location without requesting an address update. 
  • The buyer puts an unreachable/insufficient address, contact number.
  • The buyer rejects the package because of personal causes. 
  • The buyer fails to assist the local customs to finish the clearance.
  • The buyer fails to respond to the local carrier for correcting unsuccessful delivery attempts.  

    👉 Moving to a new address? Contact us to update your unshipped orders. 

    • You need to contact us to request an address update if you need to revise the address for your history orders. 
    • Updating your default address in your account profile would not affect the address of the existing orders, it only allows you to apply the newest address in your future purchase. 
    • Please send us an email to with the full address, and the reference numbers of the orders you want to apply this change on. 

2. How do we conclude whether a package is lost? 

If the waiting is beyond the situations listed in the common delay situations,  we would contact our carrier to open an investigation to find out the status of the package. Since the investigation involves several parties across countries, it might take a few weeks or a month to have a final ruling from the carrier. 

We would provide you the final solution after we have the confirmed result from the carrier. 

3. How do we handle it if a package is lost?

If a package is confirmed lost, we would offer one of the following solutions, according to the current inventory and your preference.  

[A] Send out another package

If the products contained in this lost package is still available, and you still want this order kept, we would send you another package.

[B] Send a full refund

If the products contained in this lost package is no longer available, or you prefer to have a refund directly, we could send you a full refund back to your PayPal. 

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