What if I miss the deadline of the balance payment?

If your pre-order is placed with a deposit option ($19.99), you have to pay for the balance. 

When the product has a confirmed imminent release date, we will send you a release notification email and a PayPal invoice to your store account email. (View more about balance payment here: How and when should the remaining balance be paid? )

The validity of the invoice 

We would keep every invoice open for 15 days at least. If you need more time to prepare the payment, please send us a request within the validity of your invoice, and provide us a specific date on which you would like to postpone the deadline of your invoice. (View more here: Pre-order policy)

Make sure our emails could reach you

Since the release notification and the PayPal invoice will both be sent to your store account email, it is important that this email is correctly put and the one you regularly check.  

In order to prevent our emails from being put in the SPAM folder, we advise you to add our domain to the allowed list of your mail agent.

Accidentally miss the deadline? 

Here is what you can do if it's already passed the deadline of the invoice.

If your order hasn't been canceled yet...

Sometimes we would keep the invoices valid for a little longer than 15 days. If the status of your invoice still shows valid, it's very probable that your pre-order is still kept valid. You can reach out to our support team and confirm this before paying. 

If your order has been canceled already...

It happens, we fully understand. It could be because that the email ended up in the SPAM folder, or that you haven't gotten the time/convenience to check the emails until now. If you are still interested in this item, you can contact us and request a recovery of your expired pre-order.

  • If we still have the inventory of the ordered item, we would recover the canceled invoice for you at the same price
  • If unfortunately this item has already been sold out and is no longer available, please kindly understand that we can no longer recover your pre-order under these circumstances. You can use the store voucher you get from the pre-order expiration email to place pre-orders for other available items. 

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