Why is the status of my order still "pending" after I fulfill the remaining balance?

The payment status of PayPal invoices would NOT reflect on the order status on the website, as the PayPal invoices are generated by us each manually and are included in the separate transaction system. After you fulfill the payment on the remaining balance, here is what we would do: 

  • We would find your payment when we check the invoices regularly per day.
  • We would remove the "deposit" mark which holds your order in our order processing system. This would make sure that your order is shipped right after the released products arrive in our warehouse. 
  • We would upload a tracking number when we despatch which would trigger (1) Shipping notification email  (2) Order status change from "pending" to "shipped"

If you haven't received the shipping notification email or seen the order status changed, even though you have fulfilled the remaining balance for some time, mostly there could only be 1 possibility —— we have not received the released products yet. 

The order status would update when the item is shipped

After we upload the tracking number, the order status would change. Please rest assured that we would not miss out on your payment, and will arrange the shipment for you immediately after we have the products in our warehouse. We are based in an area in which most manufacturers of action figures are and can get most products very timely after the official release. 

Sometimes the products would arrive later than the release notification time

In order to allow sufficient time for the processing of pre-orders, we would notify the customers about the release and send out the payment requests right after we receive the release notification from the factory, instead of after the products' arrival. We would also mention the product arrival ETA in the release notification email.

Although most of the time, the products arrive quickly after the notification. There are times when the factories give prior notices before the product is ready to ship, especially for the popular products in larger quantities. Under these circumstances, you would have to wait for the shipment for a short period of time after the payment of the remaining balance is done.