Please make sure the shipping address is correct

1. Which shipping address would be used when we ship? 

Our order processing system would use the information you fill in when checkout as the final shipping address. Unsuccessful delivery(loss/return/detain) due to an incorrect address is not covered in our final delivery policy. 

For fully paid items, we would arrange the shipment directly with the address you left without confirming with you again. If you have moved or are about to move to a new address, please contact us and keep the information up-to-date. 

  • Use a full name instead of Mr./Mrs./etc 
  • Make sure the address is complete and deliverable. 
  • Make sure the ZIP code/city/state is consistent with each other.
  • Make sure the contact number is reachable. 
  • Due to the customs policy, customers from Brazil need to provide a CPF number. You can add this information in the address line 2. 

2. Where can I see the address after I've made the order? 

After the order is made, there are 2 places where you can double-check the information yourself:

  • The order confirmation email: You would receive an order confirmation after we receive your order. You can view all the details of your order there. 
  • Account page → order summary → order details: If you have registered your email as a store account, you can log in to your account and view all of the orders made under the same email. 

3.  Why is the address still the same as before after I requested a revision? 

If you want to change the address of your order, you need to send us a request via email before the shipment. 

After we confirm with you, you can consider that the revision is successfully done. It is normal that the new information does not update on the order detail page. The order detail page would always display the original copy. When we receive your request, we would make sure to manually revise it in our order processing system which directly impacts the warehouse operation. 

If you are not sure whether you have requested a change on a specific order, you can also contact us and find out what the up-to-date address is. 

Note: Updating the default address in your account would not affect the address on your history orders. You need to contact us if you need to revise the shipping address of any order before despatch. 

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