Will packages to EU be taxed (new EU VAT policy)?

The packages to the EU will be sent with IOSS to avoid being taxed 

We send to EU is IOSS code, no tax when imported ✅

The IOSS code is an identifier that the tax has already been paid (by us), the customs clearance will then release the package quickly without charging the tax again.

Orders to the EU will be charged with partial tax

  • The actual payment of VAT is taken care of by us. Accordingly, the buyers need to pay a partial tax to offset the costs here.
  • The payment of partial tax is collected together with the postage in the checkout process
  • Pre-orders made before the implementation of EU VAT policy changes will follow the following rules to confirm the amount due for the partial tax: 
    • Pre-orders made with deposit: The partial tax would be collected together with the remaining balance after the release of the product.
    • Pre-orders made with full payment: No extra payment needed. 

What is the specific amount of the partial tax?

Note: The partial tax value might be adjusted according to future policy changes. We will keep it up-to-date. You can also refer to the calculation when checkout. 

Product Category Partial Tax You Pay
1/6 Clothes Set $0.63
1/6 Head Sculpt $0.63
1/6 Accessories $0.63
1/6 Weapon $0.63
1/12 Head Sculpt $0.63
1/12 Body $0.63
1/12 Clothes Set $0.63
1/12 Accessories $0.63
1/6 Custom Kit $1.25
1/12 Custom Kit $1.25
1/6 Body $2.00
1/6 Scene & Diorama $2.50
1/12 Scene & Diorama $2.50
1/12 Full Box $2.50
1/6 Full Box $5.00

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